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Electronic Delivery of Bank Statements
Agreement & Disclosure

Before enrolling in Johnson City Bank E-Statement service to access your statement online, we must obtain your consent and acceptance of the terms outlined below.

E-Statement Services
If you elect to receive your Bank statements through electronic delivery, you will no longer receive paper statements through the US Postal Service. There is no fee for this service. If at any time you wish to receive a copy of a bank statement in paper copy, you may request it by contacting your local branch. Our regular research fees apply.

You will be notified by E-mail when the statement is available for retrieval. Once your E-Statement is downloaded, you can view it from your screen, print it for permanent storage, or save it as a file on your personal computer.

Your consent of this electronic delivery, evidenced by your clicking “submit application for E-Statements” at the end of this agreement, authorizes the Bank to forward to you electronically your periodic bank statements and any other disclosures that the bank might send to you, such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy notices or other required disclosures relating to your accounts.

In order for the bank to notify you when your statements are available, we require your current e-mail address. If this information should change, it is your responsibility to notify the bank immediately of your new e-mail address. All e-mail address change requests must be made in writing to the following:

Johnson City Bank
Attn: Bookkeeping Department
P.O. Box 426
Johnson City, Texas

If we are made aware, through electronic notification, that the e-mail address we have on file for you is not accurate, we will attempt to mail a paper copy of your statement to the last known postal address we have on file for the related account(s). Receiving this electronic notification two consecutive months will result in automatic termination of the service. You will then begin to receive monthly paper statements and have to re-enroll in the service upon providing updated contact information to the bank.
Statement Notification

When your account statement is generated, we send an e-mail notification to the most recent e-mail address we have on record. You can retrieve your statement anytime thereafter, however, we recommend that you promptly review, print and/or download the statement to verify that all information related to your account is accurate. Your responsibility to report e-statement errors to us is the same as if you had received a paper statement.

System Requirements to Receive E-Statements
Opting for the E-Statement service requires that you have access to a personal computer with a web browser, an Internet service provider and Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing your statements. The preferred browser is Microsoft Explorer, version 9.0 or higher and Adobe version 10.0 or higher. You will need a printer if you want to create a paper copy of your statements.

By completing an E-Statement application, you confirm that you have the equipment that provides the ability to receive and retain electronic statements and disclosures.
From time to time, we may make upgrades to our hardware and software systems. You will be notified of these upgrades and any additional requirements necessary to continue to receive statements and disclosures electronically.

Termination of Service
This agreement will remain in effect until terminated by you or the Bank.
You may cancel your E-Statement service at any time by providing a written notice by US Mail to:

Johnson City Bank
Attn: Bookkeeping Department
P.O. Box 426
Johnson City, Texas

The E-Statement service will be terminated immediately upon receipt of proper notification.

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